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Psychic 2012 Earthquake Prediction

By Memoxii
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Before January of 2012 is over there will be a big earthquake in California. Not one of the everyday little ones but one of the once a generation size ones. I am sensing that it will happen within 2 months but I'm giving myself a bit of a margin by pushing the deadline for this to the end of January. There will be casualties and damages but the recovery will be swift.

    - Psychic prediction submitted by Memoxii

Comments on this prediction:
I have predicted an Earthquake in California for Christmas, maybe it's the same earthquake we're both seeing?
    - comment by Amanda

Have heard the words ''eruption'' and ''many people will die'' repeated. Not sure if this is a physical eruption as causing the earthquake of if it refers to one of your political predictions. Feel it is coming soon.
    - comment by Kristin
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