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Psychic Winter Weather Prediction

By Jerry
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Southern California snowstorm this winter. This is an update to a prediction I posted a few days ago about snow at Disneyland or Disneyworld, it turns out it is Disneyland, CA, not Disneyworld, FL. I am now seeing snow all over the low lying LA area, all the way down to the beaches. My visions are always right but as you may know I've had some interpretation issues. This vision is crystal clear and no interpretation is needed, just like when I predicted snow in New York for Halloween. There might be some details in my vision that could give clues to the exact date of this storm but that's the
    kind of stuff that I need to be careful with before I jump to conclusions. In my New York prediction I saw Halloween decorations, and in my San Francisco Christmas snow prediction I saw Christmas decorations
but in this one I'm not picking up anything very specific like that. I am seeing snow in different parts of the LA area but that's about it.

    - Psychic prediction submitted by Jerry



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