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Psychic 2012 Space Aliens Prediction

By Darewitch
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We were told about a ship, by one of our own and now there are two. There are not going to stop, just to say hey. They are coming not help us, but for us to help them. Sometimes we see as far as our minds will allow, and I did not see anything until this day. We will see things that never have been seen. Our earth will go through a big change in months to come. Be prepared for all that is to happen. As they get closer the earths rotation will speed and our weather will be a cause for alarm. Our waters will rise and our droughts will become rivers. Our deserts will shift it sand and new wonder will
    be found. At the near end of this year. New energy source will be discovered. We are to be given a great gift, and on this I have seen two paths we travel. For one will lead us to great understanding
and the other will be our down fall. The Aliens on the ships are going to shock. Cause they are as us and we are them. They will change our history and our beliefs will be in question, just be prepared.

    - Psychic prediction submitted by Darewitch

Comments on this prediction:

I love the line what you wrote ''they are us we are them''... absolutely true! Of course I can't see into your brain to decipher its meaning according to you but I too came to the conclusion that the meeting will be shocking not just because they are extraterrestrials but... because they are humans! And played a significant role in our history!
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