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Psychic 2012 Comet Prediction

By Chomolungma
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As the current year progressed a comet appeared in the sky. It was the signal that a great change was coming. The great change that would make all our lives different forever. The comet would come and the comet would be seen. When the comet could no longer be seen the change would come.

    - Psychic prediction submitted by Chomolungma

Comments on this prediction:

I think you have seen a correct vision of the future. But is it possible that what you saw as a comet was a solar EMP. I know they are very different but I think they may look similar in a fuzzy vision. I have seen an EMP happening, but you never know, that could have been a comet. Just curious if you have the same 'unsureness' about this?
        - comment by Uto



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