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Psychic Death Prediction

By Dannie
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Sorry to do this so often but I post as they come. I see a violent death. Heart attack stroke maybe a problem with the lungs. Possibly an O. D but I think natural causes. A man. Definitely a man. Between 45 and 55.
He may be in prison but he is innocent. He took the fall for a friend or family member. Does anyone know a person like this? If you do please comment because I may have some details for you. As soon as you can.
Peace be with you and stay groovy.

    - Psychic prediction submitted by Dannie

Comments on this prediction:

Sounds like my boyfriends dad. Please any details. Please email me Cynthiathorn @rocketmail. Com.
    - comment by Cindy

Sorry I can't do that. I posted this months ago and it probably already happened if it did at all. And I don't mean to be rude I just can't email. Anything you want to ask me feel free to ask here. I'll answer just as quick as I can.
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