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Psychic Death Prediction

By Hemataus
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A death in the dark of someone you know will cause all psychic thoughts to come then go. I gazed into the abyss and saw the fires and then came all the cold. The body lay out on a path like stone. Just remember what's said for you shall read.
I saw a green truck and a cross road to bare. A small white car will take the worst and the reaper will be standing close to there. Seeing no faces makes me sad for this is all of fate and that's always bad.
A child will ride in the white car's side. This will happen by this weeks end. I see lights that seem not to work. Please watch the signs and things
    may change.

    - Psychic prediction submitted by Hemataus

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Hello Hema, my name is Shahil. Are you on facebook?
    - comment by Shahil

I love your doggy she's pretty :).
    - comment by Anonymous 950



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