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Psychic Comet Ison Emp Solar Flare Doomsday Prediction

By Fefelove
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up for email alerts and just listened to him on his recent coast of coast show.

He said the killshot sequence will happen this year most likely in the cold months... To look for the signs.... He added the comet Ison. I googled the comet Ison and they think that it is coming in November 2013.
Dames said the killshot now would be around this moment possibly, as late as the beginning of 2014. He also mentioned homeland security not letting people leave cities. If you follow his killshot sequence you see North Korea poised for a nuke, the bird flu in China...
Anyway, prepare mentally physically,
    get food and water and a plan. Be aware and mindful. I would love for anyone who has had this creepy image stuck in their mind to comment please and tell me what you see. Thirst and fire....

- Psychic prediction submitted by Fefelove

Comments on this prediction:

Wow- what a vivid description- never have I seen a prediction more that I hope is wrong !!!
    - comment by Laserfrank

I hope its wrong.
I hope its the product of nerves or anxiety or something.
(continued on the next page...)

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