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Psychic 2016 Hillary Clinton 2016 Prediction

By Fefelove
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Yes let's face it. We are doomed in America. Things will only get worse no matter what the gov't is lying to us about. I think people are really starting to see the truth one day at a time. We all have to take care of ourselves. And prepare for the worse. Hope for the best. Spirit protect us all.
    - comment by The Branded One

I don't think this will come to pass for reasons that will reveal themselves later this year. Obviously, this is the TPTB's plan and it's why she's being pushed out as early as three years before. However, there are two elements that will prevent Hillary from winning the presidency despite the elite's support.

1) The assassination of Barack Obama: In this scenario, Vice President Joe Biden would become the president and he would ruin the chances of the elite's plan for a successful Democratic presidency. This gives the Paul family (Ron or Rand) a better chance to defeat them with the incumbent anger that arises in the aftermath.

2) Hillary's health issues: Hillary has already been having heart and brain issues which I believe will intensify as the year goes on. If she suffers from a stroke or heart attack in December (which I believe that she will), this will ruin her chances for taking the Presidency. Elizabeth Warren is already being groomed in the wings in this scenario, but she will not be able to take over the presidency from any Paul in office successfully.

So fear not, Fefe. Things are not so doom and gloom after all. With the NWO plans right out in the open way too soon for comfort, I believe that this latest attempt will fall flat on their faces. Things will get better, but the darkest has yet to come. .
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