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Psychic Middle East Syria Prediction

By Fefelove
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Syria prediction. I have been thinking about this one for the past year. I didn't post it because I am part Syrian. Anyway it keeps bothering me so here it goes. The powers that be seek to totally destroy Syria.
They will increase with heinous tactics which are criminal. It's the children women and innocents who suffer the most. I don't know why but first they feel they must destroy Syria in order to topple Egypt, Lebanon, and even they are after Israel.
This war is about destabilization then conquering. They want the nuclear war. Sad thing is this is wrought with lies and false flags.
    It's an unjust war to destroy the entire region. At a bad moment North Korea will go psycho.
Just watch.

    - Psychic prediction submitted by Fefelove

Comments on this prediction:

Things are heating up in Syria faster and faster. As noted on MSNBC this morning: likely scenarios include a series of cruise missile attacks launched from two navy guided-missile destroyers, the USS gravely and the USS Barry, or from submarines positioned in the eastern Mediterranean sea, the officials said.
Two other guided-missile destroyers the USS Mahan and the USS Ramage are also in the region for a few more days if needed, although they have no specific orders involving Syria, a senior defense official said.
    - comment by Mary
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