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Psychic Barack Obama Prediction

By Theprophet 2
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505 NO

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I had a nightmare that Obama was playing chess with a group of NWO demons. The legion checkmated Obama. The legion sarcastically snickered as he said haha this game is almost as fun as obamacare and how it will destroy the economy and make death panels.

    - Psychic prediction submitted by Theprophet 2

Comments on this prediction:
Odd - no prediction here and I didn't make it!
    - comment by Theprophet

I heard from a semi-famous psychic ''prophetic'' dreams are rarely prophetic and almost never come to pass. You are just worried about current events I am sure.
    - comment by Amy1

Amy, in the Bible and in ancient prophecy dreams are one of the oldest and most reliable means of prophetic communication. Also in remote viewing studies dream time is one recommended time when your brain can naturally remote view as you are falling asleep.
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