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Psychic 2014 Winter Olympics Sochi Russia Prediction

By Johnny Magick
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I see much trouble for the up-coming Olympics next year. I have a strong feeling that China and Russia will use the event to launch a biological flu virus on selected countries. Any questions about how to protect your self against these new strains should be directed to Fefelove. She has unbelievable knowledge about health and spiritual sciences and a kind loving nature to were she will help any one. Except the morons that disrespect her with bogus e-mails...

    - Psychic prediction submitted by Johnny Magick

    Comments on this prediction:

Wont happen, a few new strains have attempted to be released by the US and they have been shut down by the help that is here. China and Russia aren't the bad guys, Americans think they are.
    - comment by Rj

Aww Johnny, so happy we are friends. Hey look RJ made the exact remark you told me he would make!
    - comment by Fefelove
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