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Psychic Superbowl Prediction

By Anon111
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I see something happening in Super Bowl XLVIII. It's still not clear what it is for me... This can be the next false flag or perhaps a subliminal message given by the NWO.

    - Psychic prediction submitted by Anon111

Comments on this prediction:

I had thoughts of a terrorist attack at the Superbowl myself.
    - comment by Janice

I don't have specifics so can't say when or where so I don't post but they are itching to do something and round up patriots. They want to blame patriots and steal guns. Obama is ready with executive orders to act as a complete dictator.
They want a Civil War. It's a sad mess. I hope people don't fall for it and turn the tables. I fear it's a scene surrounding several major public events. Also this new anti second amendment movie is just the right scene for a false flag if they hatch their little plans.
But people are waking up. Even people you wouldn't expect sense something is wrong something is coming. People are organizing resistance. It won't go easily for them. They have underestimated people bc they think they've made everyone zombies on their poisons and propaganda.
People are not buying what they are selling.
    - comment by Fefelove
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