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Psychic Superbowl Prediction

By Janice
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760 NO

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At first I felt a false flag or terrorist attack at the Superbowl, the devil puts fear in all of us. I am feeling more peace, all is normal, no false flag or terrorist attack . All is normal at the Superbowl Sunday, it's the winter Olympics to worry about.

    - Psychic prediction submitted by Janice

Comments on this prediction:
Wow all no votes, everybody believes a terrorist attack or false flag, shame on you people living in fear, by the way Broncos will win ;) did all of you hear something on before it's news website that I did not hear.
    - comment by Janice

Janice is right. Read this: http://americandictators. Blogspot. Com/2014/01/ breaking-news-superbowl-false-flag.html.
    - comment by Liam
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