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   The sun is my inspiration. The sun tells me what will happen. The sun tells me to tell the world what I know.    Total Predictions: 17
Good Predictions: 17
Bad Predictions: 0
YES Votes: 1258
NO Votes: 97

      Comment on Winter Weather Prediction - It's not winter weather, it's an ice age. Look at ...
( 11/08-2012 )

Iceage Prediction - The coming ice age that I have been speaking of in many of my recent predictions has started. I have said this before I know but within four to six we...
( 08/11-2012 ) Votes:
435/139 - 6 comments

Iceage Prediction - The hot summer we are having is strangely part of the beginning of a new ice age. The heat we are experiencing is part of a switch in the climate that...
( 07/08-2012 ) Votes:
404/21 - 1 comment

Wind Prediction - A great wind shall soon sweep across the land. I have received information of a great wind of some sort. This message was just pretty much plainly jus...
( 05/28-2012 ) Votes:

Comment on Calendar Prediction - I think your vision is correct, I think it is conn...
( 05/09-2012 )

2012 December 21 Prediction - On December 21 of this year the world will get a fresh start. I recently posted a prediction about how we will face the truth on December 21. Other ps...
( 05/06-2012 ) Votes:
966/17 - 1 comment

Iceage Prediction - An ice age has started, it started two months ago. We don't know it yet, we won't actually feel the effects for real until a couple of months from now...
( 04/17-2012 ) Votes:
1677/4 - 2 comments

Flood Prediction - A very big flood is coming this month, it will be very big. Make no mistake, this is the flood with a big f. No other flood can compare....
( 04/04-2012 ) Votes:

Global Warming Prediction - The sea level will rise dramatically at the end of this spring and during the summer. This will be the year that we have to redraw our maps. This rise...
( 03/05-2012 ) Votes:

2012 December 21 Prediction - On December 21st of this year 2012 a great worldwide confusion will occur. No one will know what is going on for some time. There will be fear and anx...
( 02/26-2012 ) Votes:
667/11 - 2 comments

Comment on Iceage Prediction - The ice age has actually already started, the extr...
( 02/25-2012 )

2013 Prediction - In 2013 the current world order will collapse as a result of the events of 2012. A new world order will arise. We will all be better off in the long r...
( 02/14-2012 ) Votes:

2012 Disaster Prediction - We are now in the big year and we're about to find out what it holds. There will be many strange events, the first will be a huge earthquake. The eart...
( 02/10-2012 ) Votes:
196/3 - 1 comment

Iceage Prediction - Last week I predicted the start of the ice age and I do believe I got it right although it will take some time before science pinpoints last week as t...
( 02/08-2012 ) Votes:
225/2 - 1 comment

Iceage Prediction - The ice age starts this week. There will be a big freeze and it won't end. The consensus of future scientists will be that the ice age began in the fi...
( 02/02-2012 ) Votes:
361/43 - 3 comments

Flood Prediction - A big flood is coming this year. The great flood of 2012 as it will be known to future generations will be greater than anything we have ever seen. He...
( 01/23-2012 ) Votes:
252/1 - 1 comment

2012 Disease Prediction - In march of 2012 the world will face an outbreak of a new disease. Many people will lose their lives before the disease is brought under control....
( 12/15-2011 ) Votes:
400/73 - 1 comment

Earthquake Prediction - Before this year is over a great earthquake will strike in California. It will be the biggest earthquake the area has seen in decades. My heavenly sou...
( 11/27-2011 ) Votes:

2012 Prediction - 2012 will be the year that will be remembered as the year of the great man-made disaster. I am not able to pick up much detail on the disaster but I'm...
( 11/17-2011 ) Votes:

2012 Prediction - 2012 will be a good year contrary to what many of my psychic friends seem to think. Yes I am seeing a very big disaster, bigger than we have seen in o...
( 11/11-2011 ) Votes:
324/16 - 1 comment

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