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Oisac's Predictions

      Total Predictions: 5
Accurate Predictions: 3
Wrong Predictions: 0
YES Votes: 358
NO Votes: 52

      Houston Texas Prediction - In Houston, Texas a high level law enforcement official will be arrested on bribery charges. This will involve some very important people in the Houst...
( 02/27-2012 ) Votes:
21/2 - 1 comment

New England Prediction - A local political scandal is about to emerge in New England. A mayor of a city will be accused of a serious crime. The allegations will turn out to be...
( 02/25-2012 ) Votes:

2012 Presidential Election Prediction - The republican primaries campaign is about to take a turn for the uglier. New allegations will emerge and one of the candidates name will be smeared b...
( 02/22-2012 ) Votes:

Rick Santorum Prediction - Rick Santorum is about to get confronted by a ghost from his past. Although the charges brought forth cannot be proven it will hurt his campaign beyon...
( 02/21-2012 ) Votes:
103/36 - 2 comments

Washington Dc Prediction - A big scandal will erupt next week in Washington DC. One of our beloved representatives in Washington will be caught with the wife of another. He will...
( 02/19-2012 ) Votes:
98/10 - 2 comments

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